Monday, July 30, 2012

Navy and Banana

Now that I know what is going on in my life (-ish) the mood and energy for taking my own photos in Zara mirrors have returned and I even put some thought in what I wanted to wear yesterday. That is, I realised that I have to wear all my rarely-worn shoes while I have a chance. Because I'll be living in ballet flats and sandals until I find a new employment. So out came the suede Nine West... What are they? Platform sandals?

My banana colored jeans and the T are from Zara. I thought I lost the t-shirt and I was looking everywhere for it last week. Until I found it among the other tops and shirts on the shelf. Duh! That could mean one of the two things. A - I have too many tops, and B - I'm nuts. The jury is still out on that one.

This navy bag is a recent addition to my "collection". Justification - I didn't have a navy bag! Needed one pronto! It's by Max Moretti (chain of footwear and accessories' stores here in Israel), it's leather and made in India which is a plus. Bags made in India are usually good quality and well-made from my experience.

Please ignore the top of my head in the mirror...

The bag has zippers on both sides, opening them changes the shape a bit. See those suede "ears"? And you cat fit more stuff inside.

These shoes are very comfortable. But they rubbed one of my heels and now it hurts. Usually I carry around band-aids by the dosen, but yesterday I didn't have any in my new purse. So I suffered till I got to the car after work and changed into my flip-flops.
It totally changed the proportions of the outfit but I was going home, who cares!


  1. The bag and shoes are AWESOME! Love them with the yellow. It's good to see you're back blogging!

  2. Hey, thanks! I wonder what I'll be blogging about when I don't have an "out-of-the-house" job anymore! Pictures of me in shorts and wifebeaters sitting at home by the computer... Yikes!