Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pink Rock

Oh boy! I can finally wear my jackets! I started this past Monday. I decided that if winter doesn't want to arrive I'm going to coax it by way of dressing winterly. Does that make sense? I think it does, as evenings got much colder and I even pulled the winter blankets out of the storage. I left them frying in the sun on the balcony...

This is my gray suit jacket. It had a skirt partner but it was too short and didn't fit right, so it went into the donation bin. I'd love to replace the buttons but don't know exactly what buttons I'd like. Until I see something suitable.

Gray goes well with pink, so I grabbed my huge pink rock necklace. Luckily it's not as heavy as it seems. The pink rock demanded dark background, so I wore my v-neck t-shirt backwards. The jacket stayed on all day and nobody noticed.

Looks like I'm the only one who ever cleans this silly mirror! Come on people!

Got me a new nail polish. Orly "pixie dust". Weird color and weird formula. But I like it. It's exactly the same color as my faded "home" jeans. But it also matched the jacket. I should give Orly a try, I washed dishes several time and the polish stays on!

It looks more blue in this photo than in real life.

I used to have blue nail polish years ago (in my thirties when the trend first hit the malls). Who knew it would be back!

Comfy loafers for an 11-hour working day.

I matched them to the bag. This bag is older than my Kid. Some 8 years ago I got tired of it and gave it to my Mom. Last year she got tired of it and returned the bag to me.

I took this picture yesterday in the elevator. Imagine my surprize when I came to work today, entered the elevator and what! The mirror is gone.

Shoes and the bag together. Not a 100% match but close enough.

And now for the jewelry. My pink rock (trying to ignore the weird brown buttons).

Why does the silver look like gold in this picture? And the rock looks red. Must be the lighting, duh.

My vintage ring. Is a ring from the 80-s considered vintage? It's alexandrite, it changes color. It's greenish in the natural light and purple in electric. Sometimes it's in between. I love it. My parents gave it to me when I was in school. That was so long ago.

This ring is not vintage. And the crystals are not exactly these colors. They are champagne and pink. Damn lighting again. I wear it on my index finger inspired by the November InStyle issue, they had a lot of rocks in there. Including a Wendy Brandes ring.

This ring is smaller than Wendy's Clemence ring and it's silver, but the idea is there somewhere.

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