Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Childhood Obsessions

A week passed by and I didn't post. I took these photos last Thursday and Friday. But I had to work on Friday which I usually don't, and it took all the wind out of my sails. Saturday was spent doing nothing except a bit of clean up and watching "Angels and Demons" which I liked. Surprise! I didn't like "Da Vinci Code" that much.

This is what I wore last Thursday. Forgive the lip biting on the photo, I was concentrating on positioning the camera, sucking in my stomach and all that stuff.

My skinny-ish jeans, a plain white wife-beater, floral jacket and red suede wedges. Rings and blue topaz earrings (too delicate to be seen).

Here, my mouth is relaxed. And so is the stomach.

I like the 3/4 sleeves and the flower pattern of the jacket. It's light enough for the weather.

Close-up of the fabric. Goes well with jeans, don't you think?

Couple of shots from Friday. I was going for the monochromatic look... First thing I did in the early morning - spilled some chocolate pudding on the scarf and pants. Washed the scarf with dishwashing liquid right away, rubbed the stain on the pants with alcohol (which left an even larger stain all around the chocolate stain...)

Wore my Aldo giraffe print pumps. They became comfortable after thorough 24-hour stretching session at the cobbler's.

After work on Friday I popped into the Nine West shop (should stop doing that, really) and bought myself a treat. Donley suede military inspired lace up booties. Blah-blah-blah, they offered a 200 NIS discount. Discounts like that are not to be ignored. I realize that when you convert it to USD you only get about 50 bucks or maybe 54 depending on exchange rate. But here you can feed your family for almost a week on that money (provided that they don't eat much of course). Anyway, it's all excuses, but the booties are super comfortable, I wore them to work the other day, took a bus there and back, walked from the bus and back on uneven pavement - and I lived to tell the world about it. Now if only I could find a decent picture of the booties! Never mind, I'll take one myself.
But the title of this post is not shoes, it's Childhood Obsessions. Let me introduce you to one of my little obsessions. Ever since I was about 10 I loved... pens. I could walk into a stationery shop and stand by the pens display for hours. I would also change my handwriting from time to time, copying my friends styles.
I stopped experimenting with the handwriting years ago, but I still love my pens. Here is one of them, a purple Monteverde. Behold the magnificence (is this a Faux Fuchsia-ism? I think so. Credit!)
Isn't it pretty? Nice and fat and heavy. I drag it to work with me and cringe if someone borrows it even for a second. Yes, I'm greedy like that.

Another fave of mine is this Swarovski pen. I bought it at the airport one night, while picking up my friend. You can't take me anywhere (and leave me alone for a minute). Out of all the things the Swarovski stand had to offer I chose a pen.

But of course! It has crystals inside! And I found the replacement refills for it here! Mini-Cross refills. Got ya!

While lots of people use PDAs and all kinds of other techno-gizmos to write down their appointments, I prefer the good old pen and paper. Here is my organizer or diary. My husband calls it my brain. I think he might be right. So does it mean that I have a pretty brain? With roses and stuff?

Trust me, I don't have roses on my brain. I have... shoes! That's right!

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