Thursday, December 16, 2010

Staying Pointy

In my previous post I mentioned pointy and round-toe boots. So to prove my point (ha-ha) I wore these booties the very next day. They are really pointy. The heel is not too high, so I could walk to the bus in them after 6 hour day (mind you, mostly sitting at the desk).

The rhinestone thingy is shiny and pretty, too bad it's always hiding under pants.

The total look was black and dark grey. Straight pants, simple turtleneck, grey jacket that flairs out a bit on the bottom.

I felt really slim and elegant. Heels helped of course.

That day I painted my lips with bright red lipstick. It's Christian Dior "Celebrity red". Nice name for it. It's really strong and glossy, I love it but don't use it too often. I'm more used to dark pinks (like Chanel "Mademoiselle") or corals (MAC Cindy). Or beige. Or something. But not red. So this was a brave day for me.

This is my necklace. It's actually kind of a rope, you just wrap it around your neck like a scarf.

This is what it looks like. I like it, the only drawback is that it catches individual hairs and pulls them. Putting it over a turtleneck helped a bit.

So you might have noticed that I've started taking the bus to work. Hubby got a new job and needs the car now. It's not so bad when I work in Rehovot, but if I have to go to Ashdod office, the bus ride is 45 min one way. I have to take something with me to munch on because I get car-sick, I usually take a banana, it has the most lasting positive effect (i.e. no queasy feeling). But now I get to walk around a bit more. With the car you just drive to your building, park it and you're done. This way I get to see the people and "air myself out" so to speak. Which is nice. I might even break out my leather gloves for the evening bus-wait, and I haven't worn gloves in 10 years! Yeah for gloves!

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