Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Is It Camel?

On Tuesday there was no chance to go into the kiddie room and take my own pictures. So I went back to Zara and snapped a couple.

Tuesday was "camel day" to celebrate the head-to-toe camel trend. This is the best I could do, meaning blue jeans and pewter boots. Actually I bought this sweater under the influence of internet - someone posted a Chloe's all beige ensemble on her blog. Result - money spent. I'm so easily manipulated.

Beige sweater with brown suede - what is it? A trench? I'll call it a trench. It has a great leopard lining but it doesn't show... Next time.

See my bag? It's almost the same shape as LV Speedy and judging by the photos I saw, it doesn't keep it's shape just as Speedy doesn't...

This is me posing at home. Sideways, to look slimmer. I think it worked.

The sweater has some "ropes" attached to it. Not a good idea to get hooked on something while wearing it.

Looking at my winter shoes and boots I realized that almost all of them are pointy-toed. Two pairs of my boots are round-toed and this is one of them.

But I'm not about to run to the stores and overload my credit cards. I'm going to wear pointy-toes as if nothing happened! Maybe I didn't get the memo. Did you?


  1. Oooh I do love those round toe ones! I got the other memo and now all my new boots are toe-less. I bet that doesn't last long but they are good for Australian summers :)


  2. I'd love to try some toe-less boots. I think they'd be good for Israeli winters, maybe with socks. But it looks like I won't be buying any new boots this season. Too bad for me, good for the bank account :)