Saturday, December 11, 2010

What to wear

This week I worked every day. I'm sure it sounds crazy to most of the folks out there, because they do work every day. But I used to work just two days a week, then three. Last month I managed to add another half a day (about 5 hours) to my schedule. And now my last day at home is gone. It's temporary, until one of the colleagues comes back from sick leave. I don't mind the addition to the paycheck but...

Anyway, this is what I wore on Tuesday, my newly added 5-hour day. Horizontal stripes! I didn't have the opportunity to take some pictures at work, so did it at home after I came back.

Mmm, fuzzy picture. But you can see my pearls a bit better. And slightly puffy sleeves.

This is the best dress length for me, I think. Just down to the knees.

And the next day I went blue and yellow. Or indigo and mustard.

The jeans have gold stitching that matches perfectly the color of the sweater. Isn't it something? My comfy heeled mules made it easy to walk from and to the bus.

Another shot of yellow and golden stitching.

And a splash of purple. I saw this combination in the catalog of the shop I bought the sweater and the jeans from. The girl on the poster had a purple scarf around her neck. I couldn't find a "stand-alone" photo to post here, but this is my take. I found this scarf at a second-hand store. Bonus - it has little yellow flowers. Too matchy? Maybe. Especially with the amethyst ring.

This week is supposed to be cold. Forgive me, people from countries with real winter. I wasn't mocking you, I promise! For Israel plus 5 centigrade is almost freezing temp. So what will I wear? We'll see.


  1. I am also a big fan of your purple/mustard combo! I have a really similar top to yours (has short sleeves tho), which I like to wear with my Red Phoenix purple Coco necklace!


  2. Hi Lotus! Wow, it must look smashing with the necklace!
    Did i mention that your new collection is stunning?