Thursday, March 15, 2012

Red Polka Dots

Gosh, do I look mean in the first photo or what!

I finally unveiled my H&M red polkadot skirt.The weather was good enough for the ancient suede wedges, short-sleeved linen top, also ancient (from Canada 1996-ish) and bright yellow cardi.

Added a thin white jacket and off I went.

I felt Mad Man-ish all day with the help of pearls, eyeliner and bright lipstick (MAC Cindy Lauper from Viva Glam collection).

And today it's raining again. Snooker ran out and went up on the roof. Came back filthy and wet. I had to give him a bird-bath in the sink, or is it cat-bath now? He didn't object too much, just loudly complained about his predicament. I wanted to take a picture but he wouldn't come out from under the table. I didn't want to humiliate him even more so left him there. He is mournfully licking himself now. What a drama queen!


  1. The red polka dot skirt is so cute, I love it xx