Thursday, March 8, 2012

I Love Me a Good Bargain

The day started with a bus ride together with my neighbor who works at Zara. We talked fashion and stuff, "compared" our sale-purchased coats, discussed shoes among other things. Don't get me wrong, we also talked about our kids, husbands and pets. Then she went on to her job and I went to mine, having grabbed a coffee and a muffin on the way.

I took a blurry photo in the elevator. This coat is another green item I now own. I like the way it looks with slim pants and heels.

At about 2 pm my co-worker left and I decided to go on a little break. My goal was to go into Zara to take my picture. Which I did. By the way, everything I'm wearing is Zara, except for the pants and the bag. Does this make me a stalker?

Anyway, I ran into the same neighbor again, she was working behind the cash-register. The shift supervisor came over to chat. And somehow it all ended up in me buying two dresses that were on sale. About 11 bucks each (US). I figured for that kind of money, yada-yada-yada.

The first dress is fuchsia. It's asymmetrical and has only one sleeve. I modelled it at home for the Husband and he insisted that I present it with the shoes. So, pink dress, yellow shoes. Why not!

Showing off the sleeve.

Is this a crazy dress or what? I've never owned anything like it.

The second dress looked like a sack on the hanger. But the Zara shift manager was wearing one just like it, with pearls and a Chanel-esque cardigan, black fishnets and black shoes, and it looked great. Of course, I didn't go to all that trouble at home. Just the pearls and the shoes.

The dress is lined and it has pockets, which is the only way to have them according to Faux Fuchsia. The shoulders are slightly padded. And look at the back!

This little bit of retail luck totally changed my mood. And the Husband loved my dresses. He has a great eye for style (himself being a total jeans and a t-shirt guy) and I trust his judgement. Now I just have to figure out where I could wear all this stuff that you see hanging there behind me!


  1. Wow great bargains, I LOVE, LOVE the fuchsia dress and pairing it with the yellow shoes was a genius colour blocking move! Enjoy wearing them! L xx

    1. I would have worn this to the wedding tonight but I have two reasons not too. It's still cold and it's a jewish religious wedding, so no bare shoulders... But I'll have to invent a reason to wear this dress!