Saturday, March 17, 2012

Out and About

Remember this post where I tried to dress up like the Brooklyn Blonde? Well, I did it again.
Here is the inspiration photo.

I didn't want to be a complete copy-cat, I kept the idea but changed certain things. Like the coat. I already put my brown suede coat away for the summer (I'm optimistic), and it was too cold for bare feet and pumps. Did I just contradict myself? 

I asked the Kid to take my picture. Because he was sitting on a bench with my Dad doing nothing. All of us were just waiting for my Mom who was in a shop browsing spring-summer merchandise.

On, see that red car in the background? I have one just like that. (That one's not mine, we came in my parents' car).

I asked the Kid to take another picture because the other one was too dark. He did. Right next to a toy store "Red Pirate". Guess whose picture they have as The Pirate? It's hard to see, but it's John Galliano! I swear! In Israel after all the scandal! But nothing surprises me anymore after I saw posters of Osama in one of the shops saying "Only he will pay full price". That was shortly after 9/11. Such bad taste, to say the least. That shop is not there anymore. But I digress.

Me without a coat, obviously at home.

This is the only thing I bought today (I also got some Earl Grey tea but it doesn't count). The latest craze - BB cream. I got it in "medium" because I intend to use it in the summer when I get a little suntan. Everybody gets suntanned here, you just have to take your dog for a walk once, and you're done.

Here I squeezed a blob out of the tube and lightly smeared it on my hand. It has a yellow tinge to it which is good, yellow counteracts the redness. They had the "light" as well but it was slightly pinky. I'll try this out tomorrow and if it's any good, I'll get another tube. The introduction price is too good to pass up.

See the next photo? I blended it a little bit, and it's almost invisible. Plus my hands are lighter than my face. I think.

All in all, a good Saturday. Didn't spend too much money and got something new to try out.

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