Friday, January 20, 2012

Brooklyn Inspiration

First of all, I never acknowledged it, but I HAVE EIGHT FOLLOWERS!!!
I know, people have thousand(s) followers, big deal. But it's a big deal for me.
Thank you, ladies!

As to the title of my post, here is an explanation. I found a fashion blog called Brooklyn Blonde and I really like Helena's style. Of course, the only thing we have in common is the hair color and our Russian roots. She is half my age, twice as tall, half of my clothing size, I can go on. Browsing through Helena's photos I came upon this simple and elegant outfit. "Winter white" trousers, black turtleneck, black leather jacket, red purse. I saved it in my "inspiration" file and moved on.

About a week ago I wondered into H&M store and what did I see on the sale rack? Same or similar pants at a great price! Of course I snatched them. And I could finally wear them yesterday as it was sunny and nice. Here I am at the very same H&M store, sneaking a picture of myself. I had to do it sideways because the nook with the mirror is very small. But nobody could see me do it.

Ventured into Zara for a better shot.

This is an old sweater, I love it and I love the stars on it. Should have bought it in cream color too (it was available in my size). Oh well, the usual hindsight and regrets.

Halfway through my workday I looked outside - and it was raining! Luckily I remembered that some time ago I brought my old navy blue trousers to work, meaning to take them in for some repairs. So I came in to work in cream pants and left looking like this. Better have the rain and puddles water splash on dark blue fabric.

As I mentioned, I went into Zara to take a picture. And to check out the discount shoes shelf. And I found two pairs of shoes in my size. Took the pictures and then tried them on.
These lovely snake-toe-capped booties were not super comfortable, my foot slid forward a bit. I could try them on with an insert or half-insert next time I'm in the store. Plus I couldn't understand if they looked good on me with wide pants on. I'm planning to wear some skinnies on Monday and try them on again. That is, if they wait for me. Having a smaller size is a plus (I'm anything between 6 and 7). So I left these beauties on the shelf.

But these guys went home with me. Super comfortable, stylish, and I don't have this shade of brown in my shoe-closet. Isn't that a standard justification?

They are half-suede and shouldn't be worn in the rain. Oh well, I can wait. Weather permitting, I'll try to stretch the bootie-wearing season till April. Pretty please!