Thursday, January 19, 2012

Stupid Week

I'm having a hectic week for some reason. Meaning not accomplishing much and going to bed at 10:30 completely tired. Maybe I should call it a stupid week, I don't know. I missed the Golden Globes, thanks to all the bloggers who wrote about it and posted their fave photos, at least I'm more or less ready for Joan Rivers' analysis which should be broadcast here this weekend.

Tuesday was a cold day. I went with a simple turtleneck and wore a camisole under it for warmth. Tucked it into my "funny waist" pants (the leopard belt came with the pants). Big golden hoops and that was it. For now.

When my darling Paris cousin saw this furry Zara vest, she told me that everyone in Paris wears them over their jackets. So I decided to test-run the idea. Furry vest over leather jacket. Slightly slippery but oh so warm!

And of course, after a while bare black turtleneck started to feel too dark and boring to me. So I bought this necklace for about 7 bucks to brighten it up. A large chain like this one has been on my list for a while. I'm thinking to get this one and this one from HRH Collection, but not just yet (plus they are sold out on her site). This el-cheapo chain will have to do for now.

I took the earrings off.

A colleague gave me a ride home which was extremely fortunate. It was raining like crazy again.  Who wants to be running around in the rain dressed like this?

Pardon the "hard face". I would never make the cut on America's Next Top Model. Or any country Top Model.

A close up of my Nine West booties. They are very comfortable (and I am picky).

It's too bad our winters are so short. Not enough time to wear all my fave winter boots and coats and things. Why did I ever leave Vancouver?

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