Monday, January 23, 2012

Change of Plans

I had it all planned for Sunday. I was going to build an outfit around those new brown booties I got from Zara last Thursday. Got dressed and then it started raining. Quick change, I this is what I came up with. Dark blue skinnies, leather boots and a purple sweater. Here is a headless shot.

Slightly better view of the sweather. If I stretch that thing hanging off my neck, I look like a dilophosaurus, that pesky little dinosaur that killed Newman in the first Jurassic Park movie.

Took a picture from the only tiny and pathetic window we have at the office. You can't see anything when it's dark outside, but this is noon. All gray, wet and miserable.

Update on the second pair of Zara booties, the ones I didn't get. I was planning to try them on with an insert and thicker socks, but when I arrived at the shop they were not there. The SA told me that someone bought them over the weekend. My reaction? Thank God! I didn't need another pair of high heels of questionable comfort level. But I didn't leave Zara empty handed. Got a pair of red skinnies and a top. I'm as predictable as the Israeli summer...

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