Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mustard Gold

This was definitely the color of the season. I was looking for mustard color pants but all I found were the golden ones and they will appear in the next post. But in the meantime here is my mustard top with some dark blue skinnies.

Please pardon the pink croc-slippers, they are hideous but oh so comfortable and they don't fall off your feet when you're going up the stairs. They never go out of the house of course!

Goofy face as I was trying to take a picture one-handed. This android camera is not very convenient for that. Good thing my nails are short or I'd be screwed.

Now, which shop is that? Looks like Zara.
One can learn a lot from fashion blogs. For example, the partial tuck or half-tuck. I'd have never thought of even trying it if I didn't see it on blogs. And now I do that all the time.

My black trench that I bought one size too big and it bothered me. This year I finally caved in and had it taken in at the waist. Looks totally different now, has much more flair (and it flares out at the bottom).

Wishing everybody a nice warm cosy weekend!

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