Friday, January 6, 2012

Golden Pants

Going for a monochromatic look and it was fun. These are the golden pants I was talking about, they are quite tight. I never used to wear skinny or skinny-ish pants before. Then I got used to the idea and now I like how I look in them (which doesn't always photograph very nicely but what the hell).

I figured I had the right to take pictures in the Zara store today because I was wearing their boots and scarf. Plus that corner I sneak into is usually quiet and the women are busy looking at the clothes, not at me.

The low-hanging mirror requires a certain degree of acrobatics with the camera.

On my way out I was waiting for the elevator and saw my reflection in the glass door. I looked so very slim and mysterious that I just had to capture it.

Pardon the construction debris, the mall has been under renovations for the last year, they expanded their retail space adding H&M and Payless (to which I already gave my money a couple of times and lots of other shops (that I haven't visited yet).

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