Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Home and Work

Yesterday I mentioned that it was my day off. Some grocery shopping, some TV. I watched "Supernatural" and "Warehouse 13" that I recorded previous evening. When I'm home (alone) I love having breakfast while watching one of my favorite shows. It was quite chilly so I put on my fat sweater and colorful jeans.

These are the jeans in the daylight.

And then I had to run to a local store in the rain. Didn't feel like dragging an umbrella with me and came up with this solution. The jacket is 100 years old, it's mostly used to walk the dog in the rain because it has the best hood ever. And here is the proof.

But what a difference a day makes. Today I had to go to work. So I did my hair, put my face on and dressed up a bit. It was a denim on denim day. With some leopard print thrown in.

My new brown booties finally made it out of the house. The weather was sunny and nice. After work I didn't even put my coat on, it was that warm.

Came home and asked my husband: "Do I look nice?"
"Yes", he said.
"Cool", I said. "Then I'm going upstairs to change into my house clothes. Which means "dog and cat hair resistant". Last look in the mirror.

I'm not going to photograph the outfit I'm wearing now. But it's the same type of a fat sweater and house-jeans. Which is OK. Some evenings I come home from work and change straight into my pajamas.

I'm off to read "Lassie comes home" with the Kid (in Hebrew!)

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