Monday, January 30, 2012

Pink Lipstick and Scarf

I've decided to try and remember to wear my scarves. I have a hanger full of them (it's hanging at the back of the closet under the fan) but I never seem to find a right one to wear, especially if I'm late and have to decide quickly. Another problem was to figure out how to tie one on. That is, until I watched Une Femme's youtube tutorials. Here is one of them, "Two Twists on a Classic". You're not just going to get some great ideas, but the music is enjoyable as well. Thank you, Une Femme!

I used the second knot idea. Of course, it'd be great if you could see the scarf behind my phone! It's blocking my neck area in all the photos! Duh! 

I matched the lipstick to the scarf. It's Speak Louder by MAC. Nice bright pink.

Took a couple of pictures in the H&M dressing room. I tried on their polka dot skirt, you can see it hanging there. I didn't buy it, haven't made up my mind yet.

I love this dress because of the rushing in the stomach region. You still have to stand up straight and suck it in but the dress is so forgiving that you can breathe normally. I'm joking of course.

I don't wear my dresses and skirts as often as I'd like. I should print this sentence out and hang it in my closet. Next to the scarves reminder.

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