Thursday, January 5, 2012

Two Day Delay

For me this week passed really quickly. I took these pictures on Tuesday and only posting them on Thursday after two day delay. Tuesday was all about the accessories. My Nine West loafers and clutch and H&M fuchsia scarf that I just couldn't pass. It grabbed me as I walked by.

It is much pinkier in real life and it has perfume bottles all over it.

Here I am in the Nine West store, sneaking a photo while the SA is in the storage room. I don't tell people about my blog just because I'm not the best and the most consistent blogger in the world, so I hide and pretend to intensely look at my phone while clicking away.

Same thing in Zara. That's a nice blazer behind me, I have to go back and try it on.

Elevator shots are still doable. I never realized that my Android cover would clash so much with all my photos. But there is a reason why I have such a loud cover on it. Three people at the office own the exactly same model of Samsung Galaxy, the phones are identical, and after my phone almost went to someone else's home I bought this leopard-camouflage thing.

My tree is still up. Snooker and Boomer regularly have a go at it, ripping sparkly bits off and spreading them around the house. I'll take it down in a week after traditional Russian Old New Year (has to do with changing calendars in the beginning of last century). It's on the 13th of January.

By the way, tomorrow is Orthodox Christmas. We never celebrated it in Russia but nowadays it's all over their TV channels. So Merry Christmas to those who celebrate!

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