Friday, January 13, 2012

It's Raining It's Pouring...

After running in the rain with a plastic bag over my head I decided to prepare myself for the elements. I wore big bad boots, a leather jacket and took an umbrella to work. And it didn't rain.

But the boots were a big plus when I had to run and catch the bus in the evening. And I left the umbrella at the office for a rainy day.

I like the detail on the collar. It's a turtleneck but it's not tight.

Taking these photos I realized that I was wearing exactly the same outfit in Paris in 2008. Different boots and jacket, but underneath is the same sweater (take my word for it) and these same pants. Here I am with my cousin. And that is Sorbonne in the background. What  a great trip it was!

Back in Israel, here I am on the bus. It's a 25 min ride, so I fiddled with my phone trying to take a decent picture of myself. This is my best take. The sunglasses are from Aldo, I really like their sunnies, inexpensive and good quality. I like to have lots of different frames and at that price point Aldo is a clear winner for me.

Wore my "goes-with-everything-gold" ring. It's a bit large, fits better in the summer when fingers are slightly fatter. Sometimes I move it to the middle finger when it gets too loose.

Bought this little gem yesterday from my friend's shop, a useful little thing. It's for shortening long necklaces and chains.

For example, take this long strand of pearls, hook the ring through both ends and clasp it. As my explanations are not that helpful, the photos should be more descriptive and useful.

I'm writing this post on Friday morning. It's pissing down outside, it's windy and cold. I just managed to walk Boomer and come home, made a cup of tea and the skies opened. All my plans to go grocery shopping are on hold, I'll just run over to the corner shop and buy what I need for the weekend.

It doesn't look that bad here but trust me, it's totally uninviting. Just like my mozzie net covered in raindrops.

My Kid got a new (for him) computer game - GTA San Andreas - so it's a computerless weekend for me, he won't let us near it after he comes back from school. By the way, if anyone has a good working copy of  "Jurassic Park Tresspasser" and wants to get rid of it, please let me know :)

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