Saturday, January 28, 2012

Thursday Lady Danger

Thursday was such a long day for me. I had to go to my Kid's school in the morning and after that to work. That's two different towns. I knew I'd have to run around so I dressed comfortably. Wore my trench coat as well but the photo didn't turn out.

Do you see that snake print scarf on the right side? So tempting. But pricey because it's from the Zara new collection.

The trip to the MAC store was the highlight of the day. I bought my mascara (Studio Fix  Boldblack Lash) and loose powder. And then decided to try on Lady Danger. And bought it too. This is me later in the day, and the lipstick stayed put and looked just as bright as when I first put it on. And it matched my pants perfectly. I was never a fan of matte lipsticks, tried some years ago and didn't like it. I guess, the formulas have changed, because my lips felt good all day and didn't get too dry. The SA suggested that I buy the primer. Maybe I will next time I'm there.

Normally I'd wear heels with this kind of outfit, but with all the walking I had to do, I wore my manly shoes. Are they brogues? According to the internet, they are brogue oxfords. I think.

They are by Moretti, extremely comfortable, my favorite color and an unexpected silhouette for me. I felt a bit funny wearing them with shorter slim pants.

It's weekend, we're home, and my 5 minutes at the computer are over. The Kid is kicking me out in order to play his "Jurassic Park Operation Genesis" game. Gotta go.

Oh, I totally forgot to give the inspiration credit to the January InStyle magazine.

I love a good idea, especially when I have the ingredients to do something similar.

Updated to add: I just realized who I remind myself of when wearing this kind of shoes and pants. Howard from The Big Bang Theory! Oh my God!

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