Monday, January 16, 2012

New Boots

The weather is still cold, so I pulled out my winter coat found in my favorite consignment store. By the looks of the fabric it must be from the seventies (but I'm not an expert). It's slightly fuzzy and warm. Add a scarf and you're all set.

I was almost all black on the outside, but my dress was a rich teal color. I love to pair it with red(dish) lipstick. The lipstick color is much brighter in real life but dead fluorescent lighting washes it out.

No rain, so I could wear my new suede boots from Zara. These ones.

Just plain black boots, if looking straight on.

But much more interesting if you turn sideways.

Some lady asked me how could I spend all day in high heels. But these heels are not that high and the boots are extremely comfortable. The day I got them, I wore them out of the shop and straight to work, then walked to the bus stop where I stood waiting for good 20 minutes. And my feet were happy.

And now for something completely different.
Last Friday it was raining non-stop, but the dog still had to go out to do his business. So we improvised. Found an old plastic sheet (from when the Kid was a baby), tied two strings to it at the neck and the chest, and Boomer had a stylish raincoat. Plastic side up, terry-towel side down. Nice and warm.

It took Boomer some time to figure out how to "go" while wearing a raincoat, but being a smart dog he figured it out. Bonus - no wet dog on the couch!

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