Monday, January 9, 2012

Purple Day

I got this purple trench last year and I love it, trying to wear it as often as possible. So last Friday I got an unexpected bonus. I found a matching dress in my friend's shop. I've never matched a dress to a coat before but why not?

For some reason, most of my photos are crooked. I'll have to work on that.

The first one was taken in H&M store.

And in Zara of course. See the red price tags? The end of season sales are going strong.

A glimpse of the dress without the coat.

And here I am, ready to face the elements. It's been cold here lately (cold for us that is), so button up and wrap yourselves in a scarf.

My messy closet. But at least nobody walked in on me, even the cat.

I like that the dress is rushed a bit in the front.

Here is a slightly better view.

Last year I found this little gem in a consignment store next town over. It's a vintage Ferragamo.

It's from this store (for those who can read it...)

So yesterday I took six purses over there for consignment and found this bag. I don't know whether it's vintage or not, leather or not (probably not). It says "Beauty Made in Italy" on the inside tag. The purse is in a pretty good condition, I had to clean and polish it a bit, that's all. Now I have a perfect cream colored bag for all my summer dresses. Perfect.

Came home from work and everything was tranquil and nice, the animals were well-behaved for a change.

And to all a good night!

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