Thursday, January 19, 2012

Double Turtleneck

Yesterday I wore my leopard trench. It's quite thin but I missed it and didn't care about the cold. It took some work to make it look presentable in my opinion. First of all, it had two rows of black buttons. Why? I removed the outer row and took the coat to a seamstress to lower the belt loops. They were placed too high for me. I was going to replace the black buttons with beige ones but couldn't find any. I will some day. But for now, I'm happy with my pretty coat.

Wore two sweaters under the coat. The outer sweater is angora, it shed pink fuzz all day, which landed on my blue jeans. It gave me something else to do at work...

I found this ring at Mango. It's a cat eating my finger. That's what I tell people when they ask what it is. I love it.

Took my head-shot in order to show you my double turtleneck (thank God, not a double chin).

Went to visit my friends at the Nine West shop. They are having 40% off all the shoes till the end of the week. I wanted to get a certain pair of boots but they didn't fit my calves! And they had an elastic insert! Shame on you, Nine West!!! Mind you, Nine West are better than some other companies. At least, they have elastic inserts.

This brings me up to date.  Last working day of the week for me. What should I wear?

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