Friday, March 16, 2012

It's a Stork!

That's what people must have said when they looked at me yesterday. Elegant black trench and all, but what is that sticking out from under it? 

Well, it seemed a good day to wear my Zara coated jeans with a neutral blouse.

The day was a bit crazy, had to run off in the middle of work day for a doctor's appointment with the Kid. The shirt kept getting clingy because of static electricity, every time I took my coat off I sparked like a severed cable.

Was so glad it's the weekend. The weather is nasty again, must be the last throes of winter. Rainy and windy all day, and I've just put away most of my winter clothes. Seasonal change of the wardrobe is a painful process. Out of season clothes is stuffed away into a small cupboard under the stairs, boots go into a separate storage space behind the main closet. Lots of crawling and bending over, that's my seasonal exercise.


  1. Love the coloured jeans! I heard a rumour that spraying hairspray on your clothes stops static...but then you have hairspray on your clothes so probably not a practical solution! Hope the weather improves soon and there are no more scary raids. L xx

  2. I heard about hairspray against shoes slipping off when you're wearing tights. Too bad I didn't hear about it when getting dressed for that wedding...
    The last air raid was Thursday evening, so looks like the kids go back to school tomorrow. Fingers and toes (FF vocabulary is part of everyday life now).