Sunday, November 1, 2009

Blog inspiration

Several days ago Sher at Fashion After Forty wore this sweet outfit. I really liked it and then I thought - hey, I have similar stuff in my wardrobe! So here is my version. The oufit was nice, though the quality of pictures - not so much.
Skirt: Mango (twin sister of this one)
Leopart cardi: Mango
Black tank top: Mango
Flats: Michael Kors
Bag: Tignanello
Belt: Bordo

Silver accents instead of gold, mainly because I didn't have a gold color belt. And the shoes have little silver accents on them.
The bag is red, not orange. But then you have an orange cushion there, see?


  1. With your blond hair; you look much better than me in leopard!

  2. Oh I don't know. My leopard is a bit darker, and browner (if there is such a word) and it contrasts with blond. You look great in yours!