Monday, October 26, 2009

From tigers to snakes

I'm trying to experiment with the photos. Here I managed to snap one during 10 seconds ride on the elevator. All my attempts on taking self-portraits at the office failed because all puctures were fuzzy.

Black pencil skirt: Mango
Nude bodysuit: Opera
Snake belt: only says "made in Italy"
Snake bag: Vera Pelle
Black studded sandals: Nine West

The skirt has two kick-pleats in the back.
I loved it so much that I bought it in two colors,
the other one is gray-beige. This is me at home, trying to demonstrate the pleats... Or a pleat.

And the sandals... They are so comfortable! Even though when I take them off, my feet are stripey from the pressure.

Good chance to show off my fresh pedicure :)

My office happens to be at the shopping mall. The worst place imaginable! Of course, it's convenient, you don't have to go far when you urgently need something. But what about those things you don't need? What about Zara and Nine West? What about jewelry, bags, cosmetics? It's a challenge, especially for someone like me who loves shopping.


  1. Consider it as a sort of buddhist exercice. Or imagine you are a stoic philosopher (I know it's hard, but as an exercice might be interesting). And that you have to resist to a temptation. Try to walk through all these things you like many times untill you feel indifferent. And when this feeling comes, go and buy what you mostly desire. How about that?
    And these sandals are great, make me think about tango shoes beach style