Thursday, October 22, 2009

I'm a cowboy baby!

Well, my car is officially fixed. I went back to install the door handle that was missing before. It took approximately 15 minutes to walk in, say hello - and it was done! Ladies, all our visits to the car shops should be this short! I'll drink to that later tonight!

They called me from the garage just as I finished my shower, so I quickly dressed and went there with my hair absolutely wet. By the way, this is totally acceptable in Israel. You see women with wet hair in the morning, running to work all the time. So I didn't feel too bad.

I'm wearing brown leggings and a beige top with woven detailing on the bodice and pockets. On the label it says "Booba" which means "doll" in Hebrew. Added some gladiators and that was it. I'm very careful with leggings, wearing them with tunics down to my knees or almost there. Normally I'd put on some heels but didn't feel like it today.

Last night was my Kid's horseriding class. I had two very nice surprises waiting for me at the ranch. First - he did so well! Trot and canter, handling of the horse - pleasure to watch. The other children in his group had their spurs on but Kid didn't and the horse listened to him and did what he told it to do.

And here's the second surprise:

I've ordered them sometime ago and they are here! Durango RD 3122 in sage. With a spur ledge. By the way, for those who don't like spurs. I couldn't hurt a horse even if I tried to. I'm wearing the boots around the house today, trying to break them in. These are my "powerful boots". And the spurs finally started to make that clicking noise when I walk. I feel so cool that I forget about the silly helmet we're supposed to wear.

God, I'm so shallow!

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