Thursday, October 29, 2009

Retro dress

Is it cheating if I post my yesterday outfit today? I had to work last night till late and actually fell asleep at the computer. Luckily it happened at home! Anyway, yesterday I decided to wear this dress that reminds me of the Mad Men style. I always get a lot of compliments (from women) when I wear it.

Matt jersey dress: don't know, I cut the label off
Mustard bag and scarf
Black woven heels: BCBGirls

Here is a close-up of the shoes and of the dress built-in belt. Sorry the belt picture is so dark.

I got the shoes off ebay. They are a bit funny to wear, the heel is tilted and seems like it cannot support too much weight. So I feel like I have to balance on my toes a lot. But the shoes are still extremely comfortable.
Couple of months ago I bid on exactly the same pair in brown, but I didn't win. Part of the problem with ebay is that when I go to sleep, the buyers in the US are just warming up.
I've had some hits and misses with ebay shoes, mostly hits. I also bid and got some purses, I should do a post on them one day.


  1. You look gorgeous. I found a certain charm in the combination of your retro dress and modern all the rest. It's like Greta Garbo having a blog or something like that.

  2. One time I bid on ebay at midnight. Anything later I leave to a snipe bid service. Love a jersey dress. It's great for wash and wear. Doesn't need to go to the dry cleaners.