Saturday, October 24, 2009

Chocolate night

Have you ever been to a chocolate workshop?
I have.

We received a bonus from the boss for best sales. An evening out at the venue of our choice. So we decided that our life was not sweet enough and booked an evening at a small chocolate shop in the city of Yehud, owned by Neta, a young woman who passionately loves all things chocolate. Her tiny shop is filled with truffles, pralines, chocolate flavored liqueurs and lots of other things that drive you crazy as soon as you walk through the door.

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Neta locked the doors and led us upstairs. She gave us each an apron and the fun began. First we tasted different kinds of chocolate. Some of us preferred bitter chocolate, but milk chocolate was the clear winner. Neta said that just by looking at the people entering the shop, she could tell by their demeanor what kind of chocolate they liked.

But we did not come there just to eat and talk! We got down to business.

Headless shot with dirty hands. One of the girls brought along her 4 y.o. daughter, she had a great time.

We made some chocolate truffles and after that mixed and poured some petit fours into tiny paper cups. And decorated them. Here is one of our ladies hard at work.

First you have to squeeze the chocolate mix into the cup. Then you take whatever sprinkles you have and go crazy. We drew flowers, anchors, letters, hearts, whatever you want.

And this is the final result. One tray was not enough. Doesn't it make you dizzy?

This is what I brought home. A box of petit fours, a baggie of truffles (chocolate balls, as my Kid calls them) and a bottle of chocolate orange liqueur (it's lovely on ice-cream and perfect for baking, but I'm hopeless at baking so I think I'll just drink it).

A fun evening with nice people - we definitely should do it more often.

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