Friday, October 2, 2009

On human bodies

Tanya, don't suck your belly in , let it flourish quietly. Who the hell said one has to have no flesh. When I go to my dancing classes and I see my anorexic mates who never have appetite, I always think that if I had more balls, I would have brought there an enormous ice-cream (pity I don't like it), a huge cake and three bottles of wine and eat it in front of them. And I never dare beacuse...I happen to panic seeing a half milligram of fat anywhere.

Yesterday in metro: a couple: (she really looked beautiful and stylish but I didn't have my camera with me).

He: I am hungry ( in France we dine at 20h)

She: Oh, I am not, I am not dining tody.

Neither today, nor tomorrow, nor the day after. Poor him....

Great, she was very beautiful and thin. But eating is a sensual act and men in their most profound self, not attained by the social propaganda adore women who have appetite. That can even make them horny.

Paris is unbearable from this point of view, the dictatorship of thinness is awful and the social control of the body is very severe. (I am talking about representations).

Well, here is our prima, she, for instance cannot suck her belly in, because she doesn't have any and it looks frightening.

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