Wednesday, October 14, 2009


We are back after spending six days in Marmaris, Turkey. We've been going there almost every year since 1998. In case you didn't know, Turkey is the favorite destination for Israeli holiday-makers looking for reasonably priced package holiday tours. Flight and hotel, almost everything included, beach and so on.

You get the idea. But this is not us. We go there to visit my father-in-law, a retired army officer and a yachtie who's been living there in the Marina all these years. This is where he lives:

We spent the week at his girlfriend's house, enjoying good international company, good conversations and great food. I'll share some of my pictures with you.

View from the mountain not far from the village we lived in.

Turkish breakfast at the Cinar restaurant.

This is before:

And this is after:

Turkish restaurants are usually full of well-fed cats, but here we were greeted by a flock of rather pesky chickens. And cats, but they had much better manners.

If you come to the Marina with a loaf of bread and throw bits of it in the water, this is what you'll see. My Kid had lots of fun.

Speaking about the Kid. He's always been a great traveling companion, he loves going to restaurants and ordering... well, mostly chips. And after that -

This is in 2005

And this is a week ago. The chairs keep
getting smaller.

I overpacked as usual and didn't wear most of the stuff. I "dressed up" twice. This is one of them. We went out for dinner to a waterfront restaurant "Orange". Those guys have great steaks.

I'm leaving you with this photo I took in town. Enjoy :)

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  1. Before and after is great! As well as pregnant dress. I wonder who is the father: a leather jacket or a velvet jeans?...