Sunday, October 18, 2009

Khamsin wind

Oh, the days of khamsin! For the lucky ones who do not know what it is, here is a quote from Wikipedia:
"a dry, hot and dusty local wind blowing in North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula". Very dry description (no pun intended). They're not telling you about your eyes burning like they're full of sand, your nose getting so dry that it bleeds... Hey, I'm exaggerating. We're not dying over here, but we're definitely not comfortable. Normal humidity for us in this area is 70. Today it was 40. Big difference.
Other bothersome effects - frizzy hair, sneezing, dry fingertips (WTF?)
White pants: Matim Li (meaning "Fits me" or "Suits me" - it's a local chain for larger women)
Brown top: Mango
Pinstripe vest: Crazy Line
Bag: Gucci-styled something, doesn't even have a label, at least it's not a knockoff, it doesn't say "Gucci" anywhere on it.
Heels: BCBGirls, purchased from Nordstrom, and shipped to my aunt in Denver who in turn shipped them to me... (waited for them for about 3 months. It was totally worth it).
Looks like my pants shrank in the wash, they've gone short! I still wore them today with heels, but I'm not sure about my proportions... Well, I liked myself today, that's gotta count for something!
One reason for wearing pants today is my car. The door-handle on the driver's side is broken. Meaning it was broken but still functioned until my darling husband had an idea. We'll just take the good handle from the passenger door on driver's side and stick it into the driver's door... Not! Now I have to go to the shop and fix two door-handles instead of one. And they'll have to reconnect the automatic door locking system that used to work after pressing the button on the remote-control... In the meantime I "gracefully"climb into the driver's seat through the front passenger door. Don't tell me. I should have known. Trip to the mechanic is planned for Tuesday morning.


  1. Oh, this is great! Gorgeous!Especially the vest I quite understand your complaints about khamsin, but here we start putting on these heavy cloths, that might be very nice for those who are not obliged to go to work with a huge computer bag with two million of photocopies inside... Winter sucks!

  2. Sounds like my husband LOL! You look gorgeous!

  3. Thank you ladies!
    I made him promise that he won't try to fix the car anymore. He's a great builder so if he wants, he can build me a house instead!