Friday, November 13, 2009

Wedding stuff

Last night I went to a wedding. A girl from work got married. I've never ever seen her with make-up on, so I was curious - "A" in a wedding dress, possibly heels, and make-up? Yes, she had a white dress on (surprise!) and white low wedge sandals that she changed later for ballet slippers to dance. Make-up was minimal, a tiny bit of eyeliner and mascara. She was the happiest bride! Dancing with friends, not fussing too much about her hair being all over the place. I enjoyed seeing this new to me side of her.

I love people watching on events like this. Like to see what they are wearing of course. Most of the women guests wore black, lots of black lacy tights, tunics, short dresses (on ladies well over 40!) and long dresses too. Some were dressed in jeans and clunky shoes, mostly young girls. Boots, heels and flats.

I of course wore 4.5 inch heels.

I bought these Carlos Santana Iconic pumps off ebay about a year ago (after seeing them on Budget Chic blog) but never got a chance to wear them. Wearing such a heel for the first time and to a wedding required some preventive measures. Soft cushion inserts plus two band-aids per foot. I survived the night and even danced in them, but next time I'll use fatter inserts as the shoes stretched a bit. I took flats with me, left them in the car just in case, but didn't have to change after all.

Another thing I left in the car was this "Jump" trench that I've been dying to wear already!

It's double-breasted which I don't normally wear, but I haven't been able to find any single-breasted trenchcoats, seen nothing worthy in the shops, and didn't want to risk buying online. Returns from Israel can be tricky. I had to go up one size. Smaller size looked better fitted but if I buttoned it up, I couldn't move my arms.

Before I started reading fashion blogs, I always wore pants when going out, usually black. But now I enjoy wearing dresses. For the wedding I chose this thin jersey dress with draping in the front. First of all, it wasn't black. Second - you could have your dinner and not worry too much about your tummy sticking out - the draping takes care of that. The label on the dress says "Oben". The thin patent belt came with the dress. I tried a wider belt here but it didn't look right. The sleeves have same patent belts on them and flare out. All in all flattering. Especially as I put on a full-body "spanx"-type suit underneath.

It's hard to show true colors in the photos, so I took a picture this morning in the natural light of the "stuff" as Sheila calls it. You can see the pattern of the dress as well as my faux grey pearls and a flower ring from a local "boutique".


  1. Wow! A new haircut! It's been ages I haven't seen you. Very stylish, and the dress is so well chosen. I also like the picture very much.
    It's strange people wear black and long dresses for wedding. Well, it's all about cultural difference, but in France long dresses are only worn for gala dinners in some official embassy or to some rally I don't know where. And certainly not black. Your dress is just perfect for this occasion. I'll have another night photo stage in two weeks, so will send you some pics soon if I get to catch some fashionable nigt butterfly.

  2. Hey, long time no see!
    Always happy to see your new photos.
    Why don't you write a "guest-post" with some pics from Paris sometime?