Sunday, November 22, 2009

Alternative use of the Zara shop mirrors

Do you ever swap clothes with your Mom? I do sometimes. The other day she asked me if I wanted a couple of button-downs, one sleeveless, the other one with sleeves. Who am I to say no?
So I was thinking how to wear them, because they are a quite loose-fitting (read one size too big). And so far I came up with this.

Picture taken at the elevator. I think it has the best lighting.

Sleeveless shirt: Josepine Chaus
Jacket: Issue (bought in Vancouver in 1994 and forgotten deep in the closet for the last 10 years. Resurrected due to the "boyfriend" trend). I rolled up the sleeves, if you can see that.
Jeans: Golbary
Bag: Nine West
Booties: Episode
Green flower and scarf. Flower is just for show, but the scarf is there for a reason. Wanna guess? Right, to keep the neck of the blouse clean. I know, I'm sorry.
Zebra bracelet and an oversize ring

Here I took my picture in the Zara store. The weird expression on my face - I'm making sure that nobody is looking.

Here is a close-up of my booties. They are black suede with patent stripes. I love them, these are my 10-hour shoes.

After work I drove to a consignment shop in a nearby town. My friend and I took some clothes over there. Funny, all the stuff I thought they'd take - they didn't. And they took the things I didn't think they would.
There was some stuff in the shop that I liked, but due to the ree-e-eally slow work this month I decided not to spend any money, plus I don't need any more junk. My friend though... Among other things she got a nice chair and a small carved marble table. And we went home happy. Her with her purchases and me because I didn't spend any money. It's a great feeling, I should do this more often.


  1. Great idea! Looks so very stylish and those are your colours. No one has suggested you to work for some fashion agency yet? Are they blind or what? I'll try it tomorrow and even will take a picture in some closet mirror LOL. I guess I have to have one of your black jackets (as most of my cloths). To be continued.

  2. Cool! It's contagious, isn't it?

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