Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Finally raining

I didn't post for a couple of days. One reason is my back. On Friday morning I was helping Kid with his shoe-laces, bent down and when I tried to straighten up that was it. So I wore an elastic belt for 4 days, and though it helps me move around, it definitely doesn't give me an hourglass figure. So no pictures.

The last 2 days it was raining like crazy. A welcome change after the summer, as shortlived as it's going to be. The forecast for the weekend is "hotter than usual for this time of year". Translation - another khamsin. So I'm not putting away my summer clothing yet. But today I had to frantically dig in the closet to get at least one pair of boots out. These are my first boots to wear this season.

The company name is Sako-Or. The laces are purely decorative, there is a zipper on the inside. They are insanely comfortable. I took them to Paris with me 1.5 years ago and walked all around Monmartre, up and down the stairs, around the arrondisement for hours in them. Here, I'll show you.

That day it was raining too.

Today's outfit was black and gray. I bought 2 tunics this season (both of them gray but different shades) to wear with leggings and boots. This one is from Zara. Black and clear beads necklace, boots and an old trench to run through the rain.

You know, I like myself better on the Paris photo. I wonder why...


  1. I'll cry from these nostalgic souvenirs. And this Madonna like picture! Last time went to Montmartre with my clown. This place is definitely a heart scream!!!!!

  2. Don't tell me. It's been almost 2 years!!!!