Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Scary Truth

Blogging is fabulous. We take photos of our outfits, posing to highlight our best features, so that we like what we see on the computer screen. And it's great. It makes us feel better about ourselves, am I right? I have a bunch of "favorites" in the group called "Daily outfits" which I check everyday and admire your pictures and chosen attire.

I do the same thing. Since I started this blog not so long ago, I started putting more thought in what I want to wear because I'll be presenting it to the whole world or the few who actually visit this page - thank you ladies (I doubt that I have male audience).

So today I decided to tell you the truth. I'll show you what I really look like in the mornings when I walk the dog. I kept the sunglasses on, for obvious reasons.

Comfy camo trackpants: Opera
Blue top: Marks and Spencer
100 year old brown velour (o horror!) hoodie: Maxi
Beat up and dirty sneakers: New Balance

There you go. I confessed and now I feel better. I can go back to dressing up.

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