Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Another Old Jacket

Finally the weather lets me wear jackets! Sometimes I wonder why I live in the Middle East if I love wearing boots and jackets so much. The winter here lasts maybe 4 months. And the summer 8 months. We don't have neither autumn nor spring (maybe a week each). But such is life and I'll try to make the most of the winter this year.

This is another old jacket from Canada. I got it from my MIL. I used to wear it a lot to work in Vancouver, mostly pairing it with something gray. Here I did exactly the same.

Pink vintage jacket: ??? No label, black T-shirt with gold flower on the side: Cherokee (supermarket brand), gray pants: Poster Collection, bag: Nine West, black oxfords: Nine West.

This is the closest I can get to wearing skinny pants.

As I was leaving the house I thought that maybe this outfit would look better with a scarf. But it was too late.

I think I'll continue taking pictures at the elevator and Zara. Until I get caught. I don't think it's illegal, but it would be embarrassing.

A close up of the oxfords. I like wearing them with tights and dresses as well. They are quite comfortable. I find Nine West shoes comfy in general.

Today I work from home. It's raining outside, it would be nice to curl up under a warm blanket, but I have a date with Gary Busey. Don't worry, not a real date, that would be scary. I'm translating an old movie with him and Kim Cattrall. She's a brunette in this film. And just as pretty.


  1. Gorgeous jacket! I just love the delicate pink. It really stands out.

  2. Thank you :) My MIL had great taste and had a model's figure. She wore cat-eye glasses, pant-suits and shift dresses and had big hair. And made matching outfits for their family, my hubby still shudders at the thought!

  3. This is a great colour on you, Tanya! And those shoes are awesome (I also find Nine West super comfy).