Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Golden Chains

First of all, I just watched the Polyvore Live fashion show with the most unusual models - fashion bloggers. I "know" some of those ladies through their blogs: Brooklyn Blonde, Cheetah is the New Black, Sandras Closet. I felt like those were my friends on the catwalk. Well done, girls!!!

Now, I've been dying to wear my new blonde boots out of the house. Today was the day. I combined them with the similar color jeans, black shirt and a golden chain. And a 50 shekel bill for some reason (that's under my thumb).

Went into Zara for my daily shot and these beauties greeted me at the door.

Can't say that this angle is doing me any favors. Looking straight on in the mirror, my midsection seemed a bit narrower. Maybe it's just my "digital projected image of myself" or how did they put it in the Matrix?

Anyway, the shoe sale is still going strong but I've pretty much got everything I need and more. Which didn't prevent me from perusing the t-shirt rack where I found two cute tops for about USD 15 each. I brought them home and shamefully stuck them into the far end of the closet. Till spring.

 As I was wearing a big link chain, I kept my bracelet small and simple-ish. It's from the same artisan fair (which I managed to avoid today), from the same seller actually that I bought two of my other chain bracelets as well.

And now for my second-hand store find from yesterday. I hurried to take these pants to be hemmed today so that I could model them for the whole world to see.

Behold my Roberto Cavalli pants!

Oops, a bit fuzzy. Here is a better shot. Golden pants with chains all over them! The T-rex on the wall is suitably impressed. My husband approves too.

A shot of the legs with the shoes in a different lighting, the pants look a bit more subdued. Or do they really?

They were new with tags and a hologram. And the most amazing part is on that tag. Size M. What the hell?

It says "made in Italy" which is another pleasant surprise. Usually it says "made in Turkey" (like my other two pairs of Cavalli jeans). The pants looked a bit beat up like they spent some time in a sale bin... I don't know and I don't care, I like them, I find the vertical chains slimming and I'm going to wear them.

Tomorrow is my 11 hour workday. Must say, I'm not that excited about it. Why do I have to go to work?

Oh yeah, to pay for all those things I enjoy so much (mind you, I paid for those pants by selling off my old stuff. How's that for justification?)

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