Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Back to Work

Oh well, I'm done doing this.

Even though I was not 100% OK yet, I fixed my hair, did the makeup and put on my favorite trench.

And then I found the light switch in the elevator. Actually, I like the darker image better.

Work was crazy, and I didn't get to go out in search of large shop mirrors. So I had to take pictures at home. I wore my new neutral pussy-bow blouse (who came up with the name? Seriously, I don't know) and leopard-print jeans. And comfy boots. Still sick, remember?

I was on a hunt for a neutral blouse like this one for ages. Finally found it in a Discreet store. It's an Israeli chain and on the label of this blouse it says "made in Israel". So I'm supporting the local trade, choosing "blue and white" and get to look and feel great at the same time. Yes, I think I looked great even though you can't see it in the photos. I blame the photographer and the lighting in the room.

This color is very flattering in my opinion. I'll be wearing this blouse again. And again. Until it gets scorching hot (probably in May).

Here is another attempt at styling the blouse that I photographed earlier. With red jeans and a big-ass snake belt.

I experimented with my nail polishes yesterday. I have a bit of Particuliere left in the bottle. And about a month ago I got a bottle of You Don't Know Jacques by OPI which is supposed to be the "substitute" for the cult Chanel color. So I painted my nails with both of them. What did I discover?
Jacques is darker than Particuliere, it goes on much thinner and sheerer. My nails are uneven, they have ridges. So while I needed two coats of Chanel, it took three coats of OPI to cover the whole thing. Which made the polish even darker. This is a shot against the background of my leopard jeans by the way.

Here are the two colors against a light background. Photographed at the office under "daylight" lamps.

What's the verdict? I like both colors. I'll go and buy another bottle of Particuliere when it's convenient. But first I'd like to see which one is going to chip faster.

To be continued.

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