Thursday, February 16, 2012

Borrowing from Myself

Yesterday while getting dressed I kept thinking that I've seen this outfit somewhere else... And then I remembered. I wore it just over a year ago and even posted photos on this blog. Here is the link. It's almost identical except last time I wore a black turtleneck with a different necklace.

My day was crazy and I didn't even get a chance for a break. Left the office for 5 minutes to get a good cup of coffee (as opposed to instant coffee that we have) and a chocolate souffle for my sinking energy levels.

Took the pictures in the evening at home hence the tired face.

And I had to do some more work in the evening - had an urgent translation for a certain comedy that will be aired here on Saturday. So my work day lasted about 15 hours combined.

It's 9:30 on Thursday morning here, I'm off to work in an hour. And after that - the weekend. We are planning a trip to Ma'ale Adumim on Saturday which is near Jerusalem. The weather people threatened us with show. We'll see.

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