Friday, February 24, 2012

Green Stuff

I didn't get to take my photos yesterday. Without the coat that is. Unpleasant day at work, so I forgot. I wore my gray pencil skirt with a thin sweater tucked in. I've never tucked a sweater in before but it looked better that way.

The sale at Zara is finally over. They do have a couple of sales-racks but not much to look at. I saw a couple of skirts that I liked, no luck with the sizes though. Just as well. That Zara bag I have is not a purchase, there are my tax documents in it. I didn't do my tax adjustment yesterday as there was such a queue I'd never made it out of there on time.

Looking at this picture I see that jacket that I really like. Taylor wore it on her Sterling Style blog here. It's really nice.

This is my attempt to show off the ring with the bag. Not exactly the same color but close. I like my green "focal color points".

It's raining again. I feel like crawling into bed and snuggle up with Snooker and my newly bought issue of InStyle. But I have some work to do first.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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