Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Coco Black and White

Hey hey, it's a fuzzy pictures day! And the first picture is not so much of me but of that lovely trench with leather accents from the new collection in Zara. Have you seen the new collection? White shift dresses with pearl detail on the shoulders, powder pink and mint colored jackets, flowery pastel blouses. What is the popular saying? I DIE!!!

As to my getup today, I love this skirt. The weave is quite large and threads keep catching on things. But it's nice with a black turtleneck and my Coco necklace from Red Phoenix Emporium that I've had it for almost two years and don't wear enough.

Tried to take a better picture of the necklace, but the fuzz strikes again! Must be my shaky hands after 11 hours at work.

I haven't changed the phone cover yet. Checked out a couple of kiosks at the mall today, but all they had was Hello Kitty or neon green. Not for me.

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