Sunday, April 7, 2013

Reptile Central

My son loves lizards and snakes. He says he wants to work in a zoo and take care of reptiles. That's when he is not working in palaeontology, which would be quite a challenge as this field does not exist in Israel. Plenty of work for archaeologists but nothing for dinosaurs enthusiasts. Oh well, in this case he said he'd move to Canada. I'm glad my son has big plans.
Anyway, I threw on some "dirty" white jeans, sleeveless top, a blazer and white sneakers, and off we went to Ashdod.

The "Jungle" store had quite a selection. This is a boa.

This is a monitor lizard. He was hiding behind the water dish. I took the photos of his head.

And his butt.

I loved this little guy. It's a bearded dragon. Look at his kissy lizard lips! So cute!

And I don't remember what this chap was called.

After visiting a McDonald's and couple of other shops we returned home to this. What a gentleman-dog!

The weekend is over, everyone is back to work/school. I guess I better do something useful, like translate yet another medical show (Hi, miss Emily Owens).
My birthday is coming up soon. On Thursday the 11th I'll be changing my caliber once again. I'll be AK47!

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