Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Retro and Sandstorm

Ever since I lost weight I've been enjoying wearing clothes that used to be too tight before. Like this white skirt. It would stretch like crazy on the hips and I was afraid to sit or bend over because the seems could split. Actually, the lining did split in the back...
But now I can wear it without fear. It even sits lower on my hips and hits just below the knee. I even thought of shortening it a little. But I should probably leave it alone and just wear it as is.

Yesterday I paired it with my stripey top and kitten heeled Fratelli Rosetti shoes. Low heels because I had to do some walking. I got these shoes on ebay several years ago. They fit a bit large these days, I put thin padded insoles in the front and it was perfect. By the way, Aldo sells the best insoles and heel-grips that I could find in this country.

The whole outfit had a 60-ish retro vibe to it. Add some pearls and you're there.
I popped into H&M to try on the pants I saw on Atlantic-Pacific here. I didn't buy them. They were OK, fit more like leggings than pants. But I didn't have a "wow" moment, and I have so many pants. I might reconsider and get them in cream at least, I don't know.

Other than that, we've enjoyed a two-day sandstorm. I took these photos from my balcony yesterday at 2 p.m. What's wrong here? Normally the sky is bright blue. But yesterday it looked like it was about to snow.

The sun turned into a whitish-yellowish spot, it didn't even hurt to look at it directly.

Now the sandstorm is over and I have some cleaning up to do.
Thank you, Mother Nature!

P.S. Just as I typed those words it started to rain. Easier to clean up.
Again, thank you, Mother Nature!

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