Saturday, April 27, 2013

Pink Explosion

The weather has turned and we are in the Summer mode this week. Right now my iphone app shows 33 degrees C (91.4 F). I finally packed away what was left of my winter clothes and gave myself a pedicure.
I bought these pink H&M pants at the end of Autumn and I could hardly button them up in the fitting room. But yesterday I put them on and they were loose. Nice to know my diet plan worked but not so nice to keep pulling them up all the time. I guess I'll have to wear them with a belt.

The necklace is new and inexpensive, but oh what a statement!

People kept asking me where I bought it and someone wanted to buy it right off my neck. No way!

These sandals are very comfortable and all the straps are no bother. They have a tiny heel which is great. Not leather but very good quality. They are from a local chain called Caligula. They are a bit "hit and miss" but you can find real gems in their stores.

Going for dinner at a pub in Ashdod tonight, it's called Gambrinus and they serve delicious cherry beer. Don't know what to wear yet...

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