Saturday, April 6, 2013

Metallic Shoes

I finally made it out of the house. The weather was weird. Hot with the jacket, cold without. And it rained! Large rain drops hit me on the head a couple of times, and then it was over. Fickle Israeli spring...
Anyway, the intermittent sunlight demanded something light and flowery. These jeans fit better now that I'm a bit slimmer, though I have to pull them up now and then. I paired them with the white crochet peplum top I bought some time ago at H&M (here).

As turned out, my Zara bag ideally matches my shoes. What a nice surprise.

Eventually I made it into H&M and tried on a couple of skirts. I didn't like them on me. Maybe I needed to size down. But I have so many skirts that I decided against them anyway.

But I didn't leave H&M empty handed. The thing is, I came to the mall to try on these Also Essi shoes. Christine from My style pill blog wore them with some colorful pants and she swore that these shoes are incredibly comfortable. So I was full of hopes. Unfortunately, these shoes felt like a torture device. I could probably drive somewhere, walk to the table and sit. Go to the bathroom, come back and sit some more. And go home barefoot. Too bad, they were really beautiful in all three color combinations they had at the store.
So I decided to try on a pair of silver shoes at H&M. Now, that is a comfortable shoe!

I asked the SA to remove the anti-theft thingie so that I could made a couple of steps.
She did, I walked, I was convinced. Plus, they cost less than a half of what Aldos cost. Bonus!

Anyway, I put them on at home on my sore feet (the new flats rubbed my heels, some bandaids were required but didn't help that much). And they were great.

They are not shiny silver, more brushed silver, but that makes them less scratch resistant in my opinion/

The heel is lower than Aldos, another plus for comfort.

The weekend is upon us. I'll have to do some work but not too much.
Have a great time, everybody.

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