Friday, March 29, 2013

One Day, Two OOTD's

I seem to be posting once a week these days, mostly because I don't get out of the house much. Which means I work at home and nothing interesting is happening over here. Get up, walk the dog, feed the cats, have breakfast, work, go out for milk or something like that, maybe visit my friend at her shop, have lunch... If my life is not exciting, my outfits are even less interesting.
But it doesn't mean that I'm not getting any ideas. Here is a sweet outfit from the blog Pink Peonies that I've discovered not so long ago.

So I dressed in something similar that I already had in my wardrobe.

This is what I wore to get the car from the workshop. They had to put in a new (reconditioned) engine which set us back for about US$ 1750-ish. It really hurts but it's much cheaper than getting another car. Plus the husband needs to get to work on Tuesday when the holidays are over. Is it true that in US you can get a car for this kind of cash? Not here.

Anyway, having replaced the gears a year and a half ago and the engine, we have a new car. That's my consolation story, and I mean it. Here's to another million years of service!

I thought of taking my hot-pink clutch with me, but it was too small for everything plus the cheque-book.

My comfy Zara slippers came back from winter storage.

Later that same day (yesterday that is) we drove to Ashdod for a stroll along the beach. I wore my denim dress for the first time. It looks quite "ample" on top. There is a side zipper but I can put it on without opening it.

Decided to take my trench with me, just in case. And I was so glad I did - it was really breezy and nice. The kind of weather we all love but it lasts no more than a couple of weeks. Israel doesn't have Spring and Autumn, it's either Summer or Winter. But those couple of weeks are really nice.

The dress has two pairs of hancuffs on it, top and bottom. With an inscription "Love forever". Really cheesy, I know, but luckily small enough. And I can take them off if I want.

The Passover holidays will be over early next week, the husband goes back to work on Tuesday and the Kid returns to school on Wednesday. Life will go back to normal (what is that?)

Have a great weekend, everyone.

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