Saturday, March 23, 2013

This and That. And Pink.

This past week I "fell out of circulation". I discovered "Breaking Bad", watched 4 seasons up to last night and started season 5. I'd have watched it all today but my family rebelled and voted for other things to do and watch. It got so bad that I had dreams "Breaking Bad"-style last night. But I know that I'm not going to rest until I get my fix. Tonight, after the family goes to sleep... Viewing drugs, anyone?
Fashion-wise, this week has been good, but I didn't take any pictures. Well, almost. I happened to visit "Forever 21" store in Tel Aviv and bought these pretty flats. I've seen similar flats on the internet, I think they were Ann Taylor, but for NIS 67  (about 18 US$) I couldn't say no.
Here they are in action (pardon my chicken-white feet).

This was the outfit - jeans, stripes, pink blazer and leopard bag. And my Zara bugs necklace. I went to H&M in search of a neon pink necklace but didn't find anything that I liked. So blue and yellow bugs stayed on.

In other news, the other day I posted photos of the cats I'm taking care of. And here are the rest of them. These guys stay permanently outside. I go and feed them twice a day. Their code-names are - from the top - Loudmouth, Fatso, Squeaky and Intelligent. Loudmouth is the youngest and the noisiest, Fatso is like velvet to the touch, Squeaky is extremely cheeky and Intelligent is the oldest, he's older than my Kid - about 14 or so.

Went for a nail-filing hike with Boomer last night. The sunset was really weird and it was crazy windy. Not the best photo in the world but you can see the top of Boomer's head at the bottom. I find it kinda cute.

Next week is Passover, the school is out and the hubby will be home as well.  No plans yet. First we have to get the car back from the garage. The old dear's engine had died and we've been "horseless" for most of the week already. We don't know how much it'll set us back for, I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

My friend the shop owner went to Turkey and brought back a shipment of really nice stuff. I've already got my grabby little fingers on two dresses and I'm waiting for a pair of black and white stripey jeans in my size. I'll try to get off my butt and take some pictures. Till then.

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