Monday, March 11, 2013

The Animal News

Sorry fashion lovers and OOTD colleagues, but this is a pet post. More than that, those cats are not mine. But the iguana is, and he's been climbing into the most unusual spaces.
This is how Norman spent half of today, hugging his sun-lamp. It doesn't get too hot (the lamp is mostly for UVA\UVB rays) but must have been pleasant for him.

And here is Norman on the unguided tour of the kitchen. Photographing against the light was not the best idea but the only possible solution. His dewlap (beard) is out because he is trying to scare me away.

I have my animals to take care of. As if that was not enough, I agreed to help out my neighbor who had to go away for a couple of months. She has a big apartment next door (or rather, next balcony over). And she takes care of cats. There are about five or six street cats that she feeds and three that sleep in the house, two of which go out during the day. Complicated enough? Anyway, feeding, watering and cleaning the litterbox is my job now. Twice a day, like clockwork. If I'm two minutes late, there is a delegation waiting at the front door.

So today I'd like to introduce you to three adorable guys that spend the night at the penthouse.

This is Ivan, he looks like a Brit. He's a dude. Beautiful blue eyes. He could use a shower but I wouldn't dare suggest such a thing. He is old and wise, I love him like my own and worry about him. He has a bum leg (broken and operated on). Sometimes if I don't see him for a while I go looking for him. But he is very independent.

This young man has the most amazing turquoise eyes I've ever seen. He is very affectionate and sweet. He shows up every evening and leaves in the morning. I have no idea where he spends the days.

And this guy never leaves the house. There is something wrong with his right eye, I don't think it can see. The other eye is fine. He is big and strong. It took him about two weeks to warm up to me and now he is just a love bubble.

So you've met my furry friends.

And now for something completely different. Look what I found in my Mom's closet! Like I said on Instagram, the eighties called, they want their jacket back. It's perfect for the spring weather we're having right now. A t-shirt and this jacket is just right.

These were the news from the Ville. I've hardly left the house in the last four days, working and doing stuff at home. And feeding cats. Don't laugh, it's almost a full time job. No, it's better than working with humans - the cats appreciate you and what you're doing. Or they would just invade my house.

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