Thursday, March 7, 2013

Navy Yellow Day

Went out of the house with a bang that is my yellow pants. I feel extremely visible when I wear them. They've already premiered on the blog here and I wore them with brown and leopard. Today I paired yellow with navy which looks like black on all the photos but the last two.

Here I'm imitating an ageing bodybuilder's pose. I wanted to show the peplum and didn't know what to do with my left arm. I am such a skillful photographer \ model! Anyway, I bought this top in October and this is the first wearing. I got it before I slimmed down, luckily I sized down. Call it intuition. Or hope.

People were staring at my HRH Collection necklace. Was it too much adding a brooch? The jacket was asking for something. I think it's looks OK. No bracelets today though - that would be over the top.

Walked around in these "Spanish booties" all day. It was not too bad until I came home and took them off. Had to do some foot stretching exercises.

Last week I finally got myself an Iphone 4. I didn't want iphone 5 for a dumbest reason, it's bigger. I don't want a huge phone and this little guy is just the right size. Anyway, I'm still learning how to use it, including the camera. I've had my Samsung Galaxy for the last year and a half, and I could preset the camera so that photo size would be around 100 Kb. I don't think I can do it with the iphone. And the size matters because I don't want to overload my blog. Last time it happened Blogger locked me out for a very long time. What I've been doing is transferring the pics to the computer and then emailing them to myself in smaller size. And I'm going to do it until I figure out another way (if I ever do...).

Anyway, the photos didn't look like much on the iphone but after seeing them on bigger screen I'm happy. With the colors saturation, sharpness, contrast. This is me playing around in the H&M fitting room. Here you can see that the top and the blazer are navy and not black.

I tried on a stripey blazer and a dress but didn't get either of them. The dress felt too nylony and synthetic which is a death sentence in our Israeli heat. And the blazer was perfect but how many of them do I need? I was being reasonable. (See me running to get that blazer next week... Better not.)
So I went to a supermarket instead and loaded up on granola and such.

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