Saturday, August 11, 2012

Lucky Me!

Have you seen the cover of August InStyle? What am I talking about, of course you have. This Ralph Lauren jacket is so beautiful, it took my breath away. The embroidery, the colors, the idea itself!

Now, if I could only get my hands on this jacket...

Hang on just a minute! What is this? Aren't these my pictures from two years ago that I posted on this very blog?

OK, it's a cardigan, not a jacket. And the pattern is different. And it's not RL. And it had huge pearly-diamond-encrusted buttons that I immediately removed.

But it's the same idea!

The latest mantra "Shop your own closet" worked for me perfectly this time. I love InStyle magazine. Yes, it makes me want to go shopping. But it also makes me remember and use the things from my own wardrobe. What could be better than that!


  1. Love it when that happens! Pays to hold onto good pieces in your wardrobe! L xx

  2. It's a great feeling, isn't it! Too bad I have to wail till December to wear it...